10 Weight-Loss Tips for Women

By 20 January 2017

Millions of women are struggling to lose weight all over the world and it seems that we are constantly bombarded with new fad, diet and crazes that we are led to believe will lead to miracle weight loss, often with very little sacrifice.  Unfortunately, the majority of these plans and fads will not result in long term weight loss and although they may have good results to start with, they are often unsustainable in the long term.

The key to weight loss for both women and men is simple in theory.  To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you are consuming through food, so you will need to up your exercise, decrease your calorie intake or for best results try a combination of both.  See also how many calories to lose weight for examples and a calorie calculator.

Let’s see below 10 useful weight loss tips for women

1. Don’t be afraid to lift weights

Many women are afraid that if they lift weights they will become bulky and muscular.  This is unlikely to happen, as women lack the testosterone levels that are found in men that are required to build really big muscles.

Lifting light to moderate weights or doing resistance training using body weight or other tools is unlikely to make you too muscular, but it will have positive effects on your appearance.  See also 10 benefits of strength training for women

These types of exercise tone your body and can help to replace fat tissue with muscle.  Muscle has a higher metabolic rate than fat at rest, so if you have a higher percentage of muscle you are likely to burn more calories even when you are not working out.

Although resistance training is not as efficient as cardiovascular exercise for burning calorie, it is still effective and has the added bonus of strengthening bones as well, which is particularly important for women.

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