23 Thigh Exercises For Strong Legs

By 8 February 2017

4. Skipping Rope


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Skipping rope is perfect for toning the lower body as it involves short repetitive movements that quickly activate the thigh muscles. About 400 jumps on a daily basis would be the perfect solution to cellulite and achieving great toned thighs worth showing off.

5. Kickboxing


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Kickboxing or Muai Thai is a Thai form of martial arts and is perfect for strengthening and toning the whole of the lower limbs including your thighs. Kickboxing is mainly comprised of quick high and low kicks in varying intensities and throwing punches. Since the lower limbs are integral to kickboxing, it is only normal that this exercise helps tone thighs and deals with love handles and cellulite.

6. Aerobics


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Aerobics has been around for ages helping people stay in shape and deal with weight issues however once you have achieved normal weight status or reached your desired body type, Aerobics effectively helps you tone your body including your thighs. Aerobics involves a lot of leg movement and squats that automatically work well to build stronger more attractive thighs.

7. Yoga


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Yoga is an ancient practice originated in India that transcends the three realms of the physical, mental and spiritual growth and prosperity. Practicing yoga has great benefits for our physical bodies and yoga is made up of different asanas for different parts of our body, including our thighs. Yoga asanas for the thigh have been effective since ancient times.

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