23 Thigh Exercises For Strong Legs

By 8 February 2017

8. Pilates


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Pilates is a fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilate and is popular in America, Germany, and The United Kingdom. Pilates is effective in building muscle and toning the inner body and is equally effective for the inner and outer thighs.

9. 90/90 Hamstring Stretch


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The 90/90 hamstring is a workout that helps in leg extension and is one of the best leg stretching exercise. Our day to day stressful life puts major pressure on our legs and hence such extension gives our legs strength and loosens our muscles to avoid knots. This, done once a day with five repetitions on each side, helps in regaining your strength.

10 . Four Quad Stretches


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The four quad stretches concentrate on the quadriceps and help in ensuring smooth flow of blood in the veins where there may be knots. This loosens the muscles and strengthens the core nerves at the ankles and knees. The area near the thighs gets its flow charged with this exercise along with the places where the body fluid goes stagnant.

11. Calf Stretch


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This exercise is about pushing the wall while stretching the calves. The calves are our major support in the legs and they need a stretch on a daily basis. This exercise can be performed while at work or at home. One must take a position as one is pushing the wall and focus the pull on the calves. Pressurize one leg at a time.

12. Chair Leg Extended Stretch


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The chair leg extended stretch is an exercise, designed to caress the hamstring. The exercise needs one to sit straight on the chair and stretch one leg as much as possible. Keep the leg in line with your knees and thighs.

13. Front Leg Raise


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The front leg raise focuses the energy and easy flow of the fluid that keeps the bones and joints supple. Raise one leg in front to the highest point till you don’t lose your balance. Then repeat the same backwards. Do at least 5 on each side for better results.

14. Iron Crosses


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Focusing on the quadriceps, this exercise aims to give your legs the needed pressure they require. Raise one leg at a time and tilt your hip on the opposite side and stretch.  Repeat the same with the other leg and keep performing with five seconds intervals.

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