23 Thigh Exercises For Strong Legs

By 8 February 2017

15. Knee Circles

Knee circles are a good way of warming up before a good sprint; they help to loosen up the nerves and calves. The knee circle focuses not only on the knees, but also the ankles and thighs. Bend the knees slightly, and circle it clockwise ten times and then anti-clockwise.

16. Rear Leg Raises


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Leg stretches after a hardcore leg workout, work well for the hamstrings and calves. The exercise requires one to go on their four and stretch one leg towards the ceiling. This exercise also helps in forming a nicely shaped butt.

17. Runners Stretch


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Runners stretch is for the calves and hamstrings. This helps the legs to loosen up and gives the person well-toned legs. The muscles get a good flex with this exercise.

18. Split Squats


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Split squats are just the exercise your legs require. This is best for stretches and the best work out for the entire leg. This also highlights the core hinges like knees, ankles and calves.

19. Seated Hamstring Stretch


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This exercise gives stretch to the back of the thigh and fixes the hamstring.

  1. Sit with your legs extended straight in front of you on the floor.
  1. Keep the feet in a relaxed position.
  1. Bend slowly at the hips lowering your torso towards the legs.
  1. Hold your feet, shins or ankles, whichever you can hold with a good amount of stretch to your thigh.
  1. Stretch deeper so that your quadriceps are stretched too.

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