5 Tricks against Underarm Sweating

By 11 January 2017

Although sweating is a natural process and it can’t be stopped, both men and women find it uncomfortable. Especially in summer, when women want to wear white blouses or white dresses, and sweating causes the appearance of yellow stains. Some people are sweating abundantly if they get nervous, excited or are in a warm room. If you are one of them, don’t worry, there are tricks that will prevent your sweating.

Apple vinegar
A simple, efficient, natural and affordable remedy is apple vinegar. It has astringent characteristics and is very helpful in neutralizing the unpleasant smells. All you have to do is to massage your armpits with a small amount of vinegar before going to bed. Make sure it completely dries on your skin before you fall asleep. The next morning, take a shower and wash the armpits with soap. You will observe that the acids absorbed by the skin make your armpits soft and dry during the day.

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