Burn Baby Burn! Blast the Baby Fat 7-Step Interval Routine

By 18 January 2017

Whether you have just had a baby or your baby is already boarding the school bus as you wave good-bye, finding time to burn the baby weight gained during pregnancy is a cumbersome task many women struggle with. Follow this 7-step fat blasting interval routine to maximize calorie blasting in minimal time.

Interval training is being implemented in workout routines across the board. Why? Because it works. An increasing amount of research is coming to the fitness forefront showing that working hard at your peak for a short amount of time and taking breaks in between, can not only blast more calories, but increase performance at a faster rate rather than steady exercises for prolonged periods of time.

Follow this routine and don’t be afraid to customize interval timing to meet your fitness levels. If 1 minute of work is too much, start with 30 seconds. Increase the interval timing as you grow stronger and feel your endurance on the rise.  The extra perk? The entire workout will take less than an hour, engage your entire body, and focus on strength and cardio with no equipment necessary!

woman in sprint position on the street

Step 1: Alternate between one minute of sprints and 30 seconds of walking. Repeating series 5 times before moving to next step.

After a 5-10 minute warm up, hit the streets or the treadmill for this first step and begin by sprinting, running as fast as you can for one full minute, then slowing down for 30 seconds moving at a brisk walking pace. Be careful not to stop too abruptly and allow the heart rate to plummet as you move into your brisk pace. You want to bring the heart rate down slowly but stay in an aerobic zone.

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