Natural Way To Shrink Open Pores

By 17 January 2017

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We need our pores. You wouldn’t be able to sweat and eliminate excess oils otherwise. So, if you’re not happy with yours, you can’t just make them disappear. Also, people with oily and mixed skin types are more likely to have visible pores. You can, however, make them smaller and less eye-catching. There are natural remedies to minimize and shrink your pores. Don’t try them all at once or you might exhaust your skin further. Start with one, and see how it goes. If you’re not pleased with the results, you can then give another one a go.

Before you Start with The Treatment to Shrink your Pores

  • Keep your hands clean and wash them before touching your face.
  • Touch and pick your face as little as possible or you’ll additionally burden it with natural oils and dirt from your palms.
  • Use good quality ingredients to give your skin the maximum level of nourishment and care.
  • Don’t overdo it or you might end up irritating your skin.
  • Have everything within reach for your natural treatment. Allow enough time, so you can relax and do it properly.

8 Best Natural Remedies to Shrink your Pores

1. Ice

Ice tightens the skin and shrinks pores. This remedy not only improves your skin’s appearance, but it also invigorates you.

  • Rub ice against your skin for 10 to 20 seconds. To make it less messy, you can wrap a few cubes in a clean cloth and hold it against your skin. Do this a few times daily.
  • Alternatively, you can wash your face with very cold water. Do this in the morning and evening, but don’t over-wash. More is not always better and too much washing can irritate the skin.

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