This Is What Happens When You Place An Ice Cube At This Point On Your Head

By 1 February 2017

8. Helps with Asthma


Obviously, anyone living with asthma should be receiving care from their medical physician. Breathing issues can be very serious and should definitely be treated that way.

However, in addition to your regular long-term care, Chinese medicine recommends the ice cube method to aid with your asthma-related symptoms.

9. Reduces Cellulite


There are probably very few people out there who wouldn’t snap their fingers to get rid of a little cellulite if they could.

While it might seem strange, those who regularly focus on the “feng fu” point report a reduction in the amount of cellulite in their bodies.

This could just be a cheap and easy way to shed some of those extra fat cells.

10. Reduces Stress and Fatigue


Stress and fatigue can have a large negative impact upon a person’s day-to-day life.

In an attempt to combat the anxiety associated with stress and exhaustion, Chinese medicine recommends the ice cube method.

Proponents report a lessening of stress levels and a reduction in overall anxiety.

11. Improves Your Mood


Perhaps the most important reported benefit of the “feng fu” ice cube method is that it can improve your mood.

Maybe the mood change is a result of an overall “feeling better” from the health benefits associated with the “feng fu” point — or maybe it really does just make you happier.

Regardless, using an ice cube is said to have a direct positive impact on your overall mood.

This at-home take on a traditional Chinese medicine method is so simple to do and can have a large positive impact on your life!

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